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    Debut EP available now on all digital streaming platforms

    "like honey in my ears"


    "gutsy album"


    "amazing haunting sound"


    "listening on the train, perfect tunes for the journey"


    "soundtrack to our holiday"


    "now on my driving playlist, obsessed!"


    "very filmic"

  • Here and Now is the debut EP from Australian born, London based artist kmoto. Touched by Alt Country, Americana and misty-ladened Indie Pop, her debut owes a lot to Beck, Radiohead, PJ Harvey and Aldous Huxley.
    Loaded with 5 tracks of extraordinary beauty, the organic & dynamic instrumentation sits invitingly under her intoxicating & languid vocals. The lyricism & wordplay paint pictures that are inspired by her fascination with the desert; inviting and beckoning audiences to come along for the ride. From the title track to the finality of That’s Not Country Fair, kmoto keeps you pressing replay on a voyage of evolving discovery that evokes connections between realities and forgotten memories in a fashion rarely experienced on a debut.
    Intelligently crafted & designed, jump in and enjoy the Here and Now but know that the future possibilities are endless.

    Written by Jay B McCauley



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